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Our vision is to deliver recruitment software which is valued by our customers and recognised for being innovative within the recruitment industry.

itris provides market-leading recruitment software to a variety of businesses around the world. Their passion and extensive knowledge of the industry has shaped the way they develop innovative products and deliver high-quality customer experience. With clients ranging from small, independent agencies to large, corporate companies in various industries, they cover many types of recruitment and talent resourcing. 

After being rebuilt from scratch with a focus on user experience and only being released in August 2020, their new product, itris 9, has already made a big impact on the recruitment industry.

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Features of this partner:


  • Off the shelf, itris 9 provides a range of functionality including DaXtra parsing, state of the art dashboards and powerful process automation as standard.
  • With an increasing demand for security and flexibility, itris 9’s unique hybrid cloud technology gives recruiters confidence in accessing their data securely from any location through its advanced user interface.
  • Combined with functionality to suit a variety of workflows and processes, itris 9 gives recruiters worldwide the optimum tools they need to be successful, putting them ahead of the competition.

Get ahead with itris 

We implemented itris 9 earlier this year to further support our consultant processes and improve our customer management. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also user friendly and intuitive as it reflects the recruitment lifecycle in a more continuous way

LHI Jim Denning, CEO, LHi Group