Breaking Down The Benefits Of APLITRAK, BroadBean’s Job Distribution Software

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In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive jobs market, recruiters and hiring managers need every competitive advantage to attract the most suitable talent.

One such tool in the arsenal of forward-thinking recruiters is job distribution software, which streamlines the job posting process, enabling adverts to be simultaneously posted to thousands of job boards worldwide.

Broadbean’s market-leading Aplitrak job distribution software gives recruiters and HR teams access to the world’s largest distribution network for job adverts, including over 7,000 quality job boards in more than 100 countries.

Aplitrak also provides source tracking and performance analytics to pinpoint your most valuable recruitment channels, so you can allocate budget and resources where it counts the most.

Aplitrak is the culmination of more than 20 years of recruitment experience. In that time, Broadbean has successfully delivered global job distribution services to a huge array of businesses worldwide.

Our recruitment technology and expertise have facilitated 3 million job adverts, 2.7 million candidate searches, and 10 million applications.

Keep reading to discover the many advantages of our Aplitrak job distribution software and how it could help streamline and supercharge your recruitment processes.

What is Aplitrak, and how does it work?

Aplitrak is our market-leading job distribution software designed to save you time, money and resources. It gives recruiters and HR teams unprecedented access to more than 7,000 high-quality global job boards across 100 countries – making it the world’s largest distributor of job adverts.

Backed by performance analytics – including source tracking and performance reports across industries and brands – Aplitrak lets you quickly pinpoint your most valuable channels. As a result, this powerful software can empower you to make more cost-effective recruitment decisions, making job distribution easier, faster and more efficient

What are the benefits of using job distribution software like Aplitrak for recruitment?

Job distribution software like Aplitrak can help you to become more proactive and targeted with your recruitment.

Combining Aplitrak with your applicant tracking system (ATS) of choice gives you all the benefits of rapid multi-posting of adverts on job boards, search engines and social media channels in one fully integrated and flexible workflow. With advert templating and dedicated support, Aplitrak takes the pain out of recruitment.

Dovetailing with our Aplitrak job distribution software, our Talent Search solution enables you to build your own internal database of applicants, who can be tagged and indexed for current or future roles. Used together, these recruitment technology solutions can provide a powerful holistic tool for active and passive recruitment alike.

What features does Aplitrak offer that make it a valuable tool for recruiters?

Aplitrak offers numerous valuable tools for recruiters, including the following:

  • World’s largest job advert distribution network
  • Support and training from our dedicated team
  • Customisable, fully integrated workflows
  • Powerful analytics suite for real-time insights
  • In-built spell check to eliminate sloppy errors
  • AdApprove facilitates the approval of job ads
  • User permissions to determine access to features
  • Custom quotas on job board credits to control costs

How does Aplitrak help improve the quality of hires?

With our extensive job board network, Aplitrak ensures that the right people see your job postings in the right place. In addition, powerful analytics enable you to track the performance of job postings in real-time, create sector-specific reports, and identify the source of every candidate application.

So Aplitrak gives you more control to make data-driven decisions over the allocation of your hiring budget and resources.

Complementary integrations can also further improve your candidate selection process.

Take our Applicant Ranking solution, which uses machine intelligence to screen high-volume applications to quickly find the most suitable talent. Furthermore, our Search solution empowers you to simultaneously search CV databases and social media profiles to find the best candidates for your post – both active and passive.

What are some success stories or case studies of companies that have used Aplitrak?

The Natural History Museum needed to make its recruitment more cost-effective. With an undersized and overstretched HR department and no recruitment technology at their disposal, the museum’s HR team was spending 40 minutes posting a single job advertisement, equating to ten hours a month.

Worse still, each post cost them £75 per job board plus an additional cost per job post. With some jobs posted across ten different job boards to gain traction, that single, time-consuming job advertisement could easily cost upwards of £750.

Since adopting Broadbean’s market-leading Aplitrak job distribution software, the Natural History Museum’s HR team now saves an average of 30 minutes per job ad, giving them two extra hours each week to put towards their core tasks.

As well as the cost-savings that this provided, we were also able to give the NHM team access to a huge range of free or vastly discounted job boards. All in all, Broadbean and our Aplitrak solution reduced the Natural History Museum’s recruitment spend by a whopping 97%.

“The museum has achieved many cost and time efficiencies by using the job posting software”, said Chris Wrigley, Resourcing Manager at the Natural History Museum. “We are more than satisfied with Broadbean and would strongly recommend this to any recruiter looking for a multi-job posting supplier”, he added.

What is the cost of using Aplitrak, and what kind of return on investment can recruiters expect to see?

Our Aplitrak job distribution software adapts to the needs of staffing agencies and corporate companies across the globe. Whether you use an ATS/CRM or not, and no matter how simple or complex your requirements are, Broadbean can provide a tailored solution to match your goals and budget.

As the Natural History Museum’s story illustrates, the efficiencies you can expect from integrating Aplitrak into your recruitment workflow have been proven time and time again to deliver a tangible return on investment.

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If you want to gain a competitive edge in the recruitment market, Aplitrak is the market-leading job distribution software solution that can save you time, money and effort. With Aplitrak and Broadbean by your side, you can attract high-calibre candidates faster and more efficiently.

Plus, real-time analytics enable you to make data-driven decisions about where best to allocate your budget and resources. So why not book a demo to see how Aplitrak could benefit your recruitment processes?

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