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As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, tracking the source of every candidate’s application has become a critical aspect of the recruitment process. So – how does accurately tracking the source of your applications improve your hiring capability, and how can you make the most of applicant tracking systems?

What is the source of hire?

How do your candidates discover job openings and apply for positions? Whether it’s job boards, company websites, social media platforms, employee referrals and recruitment agencies – accurately tracking the source of hire for each candidate provides valuable insights into the most effective channels for attracting quality candidates.

How to track the source of applications?

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) allow recruiters to monitor each candidate’s journey from application submission to hiring. Providing detailed reports on the source of each application, ATS enables recruitment professionals to make data-driven decisions on which channels best suit their recruitment efforts.

Benefits of accurately tracking the source of every candidate’s application

Tracking the source of applications helps recruiters to:

Identify the most effective recruitment channels: By understanding which channels generate the most high-quality applications, recruiters can focus their efforts on those channels and potentially reduce spending on less effective ones.

Refine recruitment strategies: Data on the source of hire helps you develop targeted recruitment strategies that are tailored to specific channels.

Improve candidate experience. By tracking a candidate’s journey from application submission to hiring, recruiters can identify and address any sticking points in the process – so they can work to improve the overall candidate experience.

Common channels through which candidates discover job openings

Candidates can discover job openings through a variety of channels, including:

  1. Job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.
  2. Company websites, where job openings are posted on the Careers page.
  3. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Employee referrals, where current employees use their network to seek open positions.
  5. Recruitment agencies, which can provide access to a large pool of candidates.

Effective tracking strategies for each channel

Each channel may require different tracking strategies, depending on the volume and quality of applications they provide. Some common tracking strategies include:

  1. Tagging job postings on job boards with a unique identifier can be used to track the source of each application.
  2. Using UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters on your company website job postings, which can be tracked through Google Analytics to find out the source of each application.
  3. Implementing employee referral programmes, so that current employees can refer candidates through a unique link or code, which can then be tracked to determine the source of each application.

Challenges in tracking job applications and common mistakes to avoid

While tracking job application sources can provide valuable insights, there are some challenges and common mistakes that recruiters can stumble into. Some of these include:

  1. Difficulty in tracking passive candidates who may have discovered the job opening through multiple channels.
  2. Inconsistent tracking across different recruitment channels, which can result in inaccurate data.
  3. Failure to communicate tracking methods to all team members involved in the recruitment process leading to inconsistent tracking practices.
  4. Relying too much on a single recruitment channel, which can limit the diversity of candidates.

Why do you need Applicant Tracking Systems?

Accurate tracking of the source of every candidate application is critical for effective recruitment strategies and data-driven decision-making. By using effective tracking tools and strategies, recruitment professionals can gain valuable insights into the best channels for attracting quality candidates – and then refine their recruitment efforts accordingly.

Broadbean can help

If you’re a recruitment professional looking to improve your candidate sourcing efforts and optimise your recruitment strategies, start by accurately tracking the source of every candidate application. Don’t waste valuable time and resources on channels that don’t provide results – take control of your recruitment efforts today and start tracking your candidate sources.

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