How to Harness Data for Smarter Recruitment

Posted on 18 July 2023 In Latest News

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, staying ahead of the game requires a data-driven approach, embracing digital transformation, and prioritising the candidate experience. Many organisations are unaware of the true value of data and its untapped potential. By leveraging data analysis and, in particular programmatic advertising, recruiters can make informed decisions, improve their return on investment, and attract top talent. Furthermore, optimising your tech stack through the right integration and automation processes reduces costs and enhances the candidate experience. In this blog, we’ll explore some key themes that shape modern recruitment practices and help businesses thrive in the ever-evolving job market.

Data-Driven Recruitment – work smarter

Are you confident in the full efficacy of the job boards you utilise? If not, did you know that you can measure return on investment and make the right adjustments for immediate impact by looking at the data in the context of your job board usage? Instead of relying solely on posting and praying, metrics can and should be examined to take the guess work out of posting and ensure a better rate of return. Programmatic advertising tools up recruiters to make proactive decisions and maximise the impact of their recruitment spend.

Programmatic with Broadbean & PandoLogic

Digital Transformation – check your tech

Do you know how effective your tech stack is? Are you prioritising and sourcing candidates from within your CRM and leveraging automation to streamline processes? The right integrations reduce friction, increase conversions and reduce costs, with the ‘ideal’ being one integrated ATS ecosystem. If your tools don’t talk to each other, there’s the added risk of a negative candidate experience. Algorithms can assist in candidate selection, learning from job descriptions and skill requirements, and will cut through the noise to pinpoint the best applicants. Data gathered via technology such as AI and autonomous databases can dramatically simplify the user experience and eliminate bias. To learn more about how this solution saved more than 11 hours per consultant per month for Robert Walters, read our blog post here.

The Candidate Experience – redesign and engage

How optimised is your candidate journey? With increased job mobility, quiet quitting and churn rates as high as 41%, those hiring successfully need to move quickly, offering an exceptional candidate experience, whilst prioritising the best applicants, but also those that are the right fit for the company longer-term. Automation and digitalisation, personalised engagement and diverse candidate attraction are just some of the tools and strategies that can be used to stand out to candidates and reach them fastest. Chatbots for example are a great way to engage with candidates and virtual onboarding tools can make for a swift and painless experience for all parties involved. Successful organisations are looking at reinventing themselves in a world where candidates are moving and looking for culture, flexible working and opportunities for internal mobility.

Data, digital transformation, and candidate experience play critical roles in today’s modern recruitment. By harnessing data and leveraging technology effectively, organisations can make smarter recruitment decisions, optimise their tech stack, and provide an outstanding candidate experience. As the talent market continues to evolve, these key themes will remain vital for organisations seeking to stay competitive and attract the best talent.

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