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To attract candidates, you need to stand out above your talent competitors. Creating that employer brand is a delicate balance of work and culture. Recruiters have to accurately advertise a brand and attract candidates that fit the mold. These are funny, witty and creative job ads that are more likely to be shared. These companies let their culture shine through in the talent acquisition process to bring in the best of the best. What they’ve come up with, quite frankly, are some of the most hilariously clever job ads we’ve ever seen.

Have what it takes to be CEO? (LuluLemon)

Yes, organizational leadership needs the experience and the know-how to properly guide the company on a continuing path of success. That’s not their only responsibility, however. Leadership is required to be the cultural figureheads of the organization as well. So take after job ads like this, that incorporate humor and aspects of the work environment.

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Keep in mind, using humor in a job advertisement can be tricky. It’s a juggling act between quirkiness and sincerity. Hillary O’Keefe (@Hcokeefe), Senior Communications Manager at Coroflot, said:

“Demonstrating a sense of humor right off the bat gives potential hires a certain impression of your company – and it’s a good one! … Your job posting is often the first interaction a potential hire has with your brand, so why not give the impression that the company is, in fact, full of easy-going, fun loving people?”

O’Keefe goes on to suggest adding traits that make your organization unique that candidates might find attractive. Humor is often one of the most persuasive attributes in a job description. So go ahead, start making your job ads a little funnier…like now!

Filter out the unqualified candidates before they apply.

You need to hire candidates quickly, so there’s not much time to screen every single individual. However, with a creative – and funny – job posting like this one, candidates screen themselves for skills before they can even reach you.

Currently, 53% of hiring managers have difficulties finding qualified candidates.

Another 41% find it difficult to acquire talent that has the right technical skills for the position.

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Job ads like this one test a candidate’s abilities before a recruiter even sees their application. In order to retrieve the contact information, the job seeker must be able to solve the problem. Clever isn’t it?

You need the best of the best to fill out your organization’s “army.”

What to do when you need to hire a mass of new team members in a short amount of time… and do it in such a way that projects company culture and the job responsibilities. QR codes take the guesswork out of the links or short links that lead candidates to job openings. Organizations like Google, Ernst & Young, the U.S. Army, and AT&T already use these convenient and creative job ads to attract innovative talent.

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“We’re building the mother of all digital armies. Enlist here.” If you look closely at this QR code, it’s not a series of black squares… rather a formation of soldier-like figures. The code takes job seekers to their career site. It’s an inventive take on an older linking technique that leads candidates to their potential future.

Attracting new talent takes creativity and a personal take on the employer brand. These funny – and effective – job ads place humor, company culture and innovation as a high priority. As some of the best job ads we’ve seen, maybe they can offer some creative inspiration for your job postings. Be original in the shared job description. Save yourself some work by integrating creativity into the application process by filtering candidates before they apply. Perhaps most of all, create a job ad that is shareable, and easy to use.

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