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Posted on 02 March 2021 In Uncategorised

Broadbean is excited to launch a brand NEW feature to help you manage applications efficiently within our Responses product!

Applicant Ranking uses machine intelligence in matching applicants to jobs that they applied for and sort applications in the order of highest to least matched.

Take a look at the benefits of our response’s product!

How can you benefit?

  • Get the competitive advantage by reaching out to candidates sooner
  • Improve the quality of hire by finding highly matched candidates
  • Make efficient use of your Consultant’s time

How are we different?

  • Get the advantage of efficient application management all in one place.
  • No need for third-party system.
  • No need for additional input or changes to existing process

Broadbean offers you an easy-to-use solution to screen high volume of applications that come your way.

Allow us to help you manage applications efficiently and help save you valuable time by spotting your best-matched candidates sooner!

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