brooke cagle

Understanding fair and ‘fair chance’ hiring

Posted: 08 May 2024

In the world of work, how we choose our team matters. Fair and fair chance hiring are gaining attention for a good reason. They’re about giving everyone a fair opportunity, ensuring your hiring process is clear of…

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bruce mars

Using social media for recruitment in 2024

Posted: 05 April 2024

When you advertise on job boards, you’re sure to reach active job seekers – as long as you offer attractive opportunities, set relevant search parameters and choose the right platforms. After all, people who actively search for…

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What is the cost of hiring a new employee?

Posted: 05 April 2024

Hiring a new employee is a serious investment, one that can pay off when done well. You’re more likely to hire someone that you feel 100% confident in if you fully understand what’s at stake financially. This…

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recruitment process outsourcing

Should I be outsourcing my recruitment process?

Posted: 07 February 2024

Outsourcing recruitment is a growing trend in the US, with researchers currently estimating an approximate annual growth of 16%. This has been attributed to various factors, including the rise of AI and technology, as well as many…

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full cycle recruiting process

What is the full cycle recruiting process?

Posted: 06 February 2024

Full cycle recruiting is an approach that has advantages for both companies that are recruiting fresh talent and the candidates who apply – the end result is recruiters knowing they’ve found the right person for the job…

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healthcare recruiting strategies

Top strategies for healthcare recruitment

Posted: 26 January 2024

Recruiting healthcare workers poses many challenges – not least a global labor shortage. It’s a situation that’s already placing pressure on healthcare facilities, not to mention recruiters in the healthcare sector. The demand for highly skilled healthcare…

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recruiting process

What are the stages of an effective recruitment process? 

Posted: 10 January 2024

The recruitment process comprises a series of stages that managers and leaders have refined over time. Each stage is integral to identifying, securing and retaining top talent. While organizations will have commonalities in their recruitment processes, it’s…

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an image of someone reviewing recruitment metrics


Posted: 13 January 2023

There’s no question that recruitment metrics are important. By tracking key recruitment metrics, you can gain valuable insights into your recruitment process and make data-driven decisions about improving it. In this blog, Broadbean discusses the ten best…

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an image of a man at a desk creating a recruitment strategy


Posted: 09 January 2023

Recruitment analytics are increasingly indispensable as advanced, practical tools for recruitment. In a highly competitive hunt for talent, you need something that will give you an edge. Data & analysis can provide you with this competitive advantage,…

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an image of a merry recruiting graphic


Posted: 20 December 2022

Silent Night? Are you kidding me? As we turn to a new year, job exchanges are traditionally booming. So for recruiters, it’s time to step on the gas again before Christmas, even if you’re already thinking about…

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Press release 1

With The Increased Worry Of A Looming Recession, Experts Caution Not To Think Short-Term And Repeat Pandemic Recruitment Mistakes

Posted: 20 July 2022

Broadbean, a global recruitment technology business, encourages recruiters to take a proactive approach and not slow down as the economy shifts The last two years were tough on recruiters. The pandemic devastated corporate talent acquisition teams, sometimes…

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an image of a military veterans shaking someones hand


Posted: 24 March 2022

Many military veterans know firsthand that the skills and experience they developed while serving can be applied to almost any career path. From leadership and discipline to strategic planning and teamwork, military veterans are trained to excel…

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