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Posted on 20 December 2022 In Recruitment

Silent Night? Are you kidding me? As we turn to a new year, job exchanges are traditionally booming. So for recruiters, it’s time to step on the gas again before Christmas, even if you’re already thinking about the stuffed turkey on the table. Statistics show that many people are particularly interested in changing jobs in January. Psychologically, this can be easily explained: A mental line has been drawn under the past year, motivated goals are set for the coming months. Everyone is ready for change.

Use the good intentions as a recruiting booster

In fact, the annual good resolutions are a driving factor on the job market, even if the job change does not explicitly appear in the top ten. According to a Forsa study commissioned by the DAK, employees in 2022 are primarily striving for stress reduction, more time for themselves and their families, more environmentally and climate-friendly behaviour and more exercise or sport. These goals can usually only be achieved with a career change. For this reason, an above-average number of applications are written in January and February and the job exchanges are combed through for suitable offers. However, you should start your recruiting initiative earlier.

Get yourself in a good position before the holidays

Those who only feel relaxed and throw themselves into the recruiting fray after the Christmas holidays have to be prepared for more competition, because the seasonal activism among applicants does not go unnoticed by other employers either. Accordingly, there are an above-average number of job advertisements in January and therefore fewer chances of being noticed. It is smarter to get the candidates willing to change in their minds before the holidays. Their good intentions should play a central role here, after all they tell recruiters exactly what needs and requirements are placed on the new job. Not only concrete job offers can be knit with it. This information can also be valuable for candidate relationship management,

Christmas mail that will be remembered

Here are three suggestions for individual Christmas greetings to your candidates that will ensure you a good starting position in New Year’s recruiting:

 #1 – 24 little doors to a new job: Nurturing campaign in Advent

Even if there is not enough time for that this year, the next Advent will definitely come. And with it the advent calendar. Even adults regularly succumb to the child’s fascination and open a little door with curiosity every day. That can then also be virtual. For a recruiting advent calendar, the social media channels can therefore be used in connection with your own career page. This increases traffic and clicks. What is hidden behind the doors is up to you. Perhaps the office dog will sniff into the camera or employees will reveal where they prefer to take a break. Sometimes you can look over the shoulder of the boss, sometimes you learn fun facts about the company sports group or look behind the counter of the cafeteria. Short and entertaining messages are important.

#2 – Spotlight on… Put social projects in the spotlight

Honestly, the 15th Christmas card with interchangeable motifs and wishes no longer sweeps any candidate off their feet. Deliberately avoid it and give your target group the attention of a social project that your company is committed to. This proves that you as an employer are aware of your social responsibility and that values ​​such as respect, charity, mindfulness and environmental protection are part of your corporate culture.

#3 – Video: Happy Christmas and Cheers to Diversity!

Do you know how to wish Merry Christmas in Kraków or Happy New Year in Amsterdam? A diverse workforce not only enriches the corporate culture, it is also the flagship of a tolerant and friendly employer. Celebrate the diversity in your company and let employees from different cultures have their say – with very personal holiday wishes in their mother tongue, in their dialect or in their tradition. As a personalized mailing, this special video message is sure to attract positive attention at Christmas.

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