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Posted on 05 March 2020 In Recruitment

By 2021, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.

But with great power, comes great opportunity. Millennials are known for a number of things: the rise of the avocado ????, an unprotested enthusiasm for flexi-time ????, and the phenomenal adoption and understanding of technology and social media ????.

As it stands, this cohort constitutes one quarter of the UK population and that number is set to rise to a huge 17 million by 2019.

Recruiters need to familiarise themselves with this client base; exploring further than shopping lists and foodie fascinations. It’s time to learn what drives this booming generation.

Below insight is sourced from UK Millennials Report by Inkling & Censuswide.

What would make millennials live a happier, more fulfilled life?

Top five answers :

  1. Good mental health
  2. Good physical health
  3. Enjoying work & profession
  4. Good friends & social life
  5. Having a family

Interestingly wealth falls short of the top five happiness factors.

What issues are the biggest concerns for UK-based millennials?

Top three answers :

  1. Healthcare & NHS
  2. Affordable housing
  3. Environment & global warming

What would millennials like their generation to be remembered for?

Top three answers :

  1. The development of technology
  2. Improvement in gender and LGBT equality
  3. Improvement in race relations

Despite this cluster reigning the social media realm, only 19% of those surveyed hoped to be remembered for social networking; unearthing the philosophy that these platforms are used not for vanity but to serve a functional purpose.

With the evident penetration of social into our everyday lives, both in-house recruiters and recruitment agencies need to think about their social recruiting strategy, and how to do it right.

Earlier this year, Broadbean and The Recruitment Events Co. partnered to produce Innovation Circus, an event that intricately explored the topics of social recruiting and employee referrals. We were extremely privileged to play host to speakers from some of the industry’s most innovative brands, including Unilad, Facebook, Google & many more.

The day encompassed a whole lot of knowledge sharing and we were humbled to see so many happy faces.

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