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Posted on 24 June 2020 In Recruitment

The Avengers have been saving the planet since the 1960s and not long after the recruitment industry started doing the same. They have gone through many incarnations, seen members come and go, transformed from good to bad, but they have always maintained their elevated status. What it takes to be a superhero depends on which superhero you aspire to be, however, The Avengers can offer recruiters a little insight into how you too can become a superhero in recruitment.

Captain America

Like Captain America, the modern recruitment industry came into existence in the 1940s – both of them born of the direct impact of global conflict. Captain America has no natural super powers, but he is an excellent tactician and is the natural leader of The Avengers. He does his research and studies the enemy he’s about to face. Detailed strategic planning makes him stand out as the person to follow in the Avengers. Do you research your enemy or thoroughly research your clients? Do you approach a recruitment project with cunning, data and a sound strategy? Planning is the first part to becoming a recruitment superhero.

“Do you approach a recruitment project with cunning, data and a sound strategy?”

Iron Man

Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy also known as Iron Man, is the tech-guru of The Avengers. He doesn’t stay up with the trends, he sets them and so should you. How can you use the technology available to your best advantage? How can you beat the competition by getting ahead of the curve? Late nights and long hours aren’t strangers to Tony Stark; he has the dedication and foresight to win big, what do you do to ensure victory?


The God of Thunder has almost limitless strength, power, endurance, and he ages at a rate that The Rolling Stones would be jealous of. Thor is also the most highly trained of all The Avengers in the art of war. With an education that included the leading writers, philosophers, and generals in the art of war, the God of Thunder has a unique ability to see the big picture and strategies accordingly. But it’s not only his ability in war that makes him standout, Thor is also a warrior-poet that can tap into his emotional side when needed. Recruiters need both traits to succeed. Winning as a recruiter can certainly feel like taking part in an epic battle, but it’s the ability of the warrior-recruiter to also be a philosopher and poet that will provide balance.

The Hulk

The Hulk needs little introduction. Before The Avengers’ films hit the big screen, we were already familiar (for those of us old enough to remember) with Lou Ferrigno in purple shorts and a lot of green body paint! But that’s beside the point. How can the Hulk help you in recruitment? Simple; use your rage to your advantage! That’s exactly what the Hulk does, although with a little less control than we would like you to exercise. Recruitment can be incredibly frustrating, but don’t lose your cool when a placement doesn’t work out.  Make the most of a bad situation, for example, turn a candidate into a client, or vice versa. Don’t let the frustrations of a bad placement overtake you; use a failed placement to your advantage and always learn from your mistakes.

“Recruitment can be incredibly frustrating, but don’t lose your cool when a placement doesn’t work out” 


The world’s greatest marksman! Orphaned at a young age, Hawkeye’s singular determination to become the greatest marksman to ever live drove him in his quest to superhero status. Not imbued with any natural super-powers, he is, however, at the peak of human fitness. He excels at everything he does, taking the time to study and learn every weapon he is presented with. He makes the most of the tools available to him, do you?

Black Widow

Crime-fighting, like recruitment, requires a healthy mind and body. Being a superhero is tough, maybe even tougher than being a recruitment consultant (but not by much), and winning in either field means, firstly, taking care of yourself. Do you have the same microbe fighting abilities as Black Widow? Probably not as hers are bio-enhanced, but you can still do you part – go to the gym, eat healthy, sleep a minimum of seven hours a night. Recruiters need a sharp mind to win and, without a healthy body (fueled by healthy food), you cannot possibly perform at the peak of your abilities.

“Recruiters need a sharp mind to win”  

The most important thing to remember if you’re going to be a superhero recruiter is that you don’t have to do it on your own. Like The Avengers, they understand their strengths and weaknesses and know when they need that little extra help to defeat their biggest challenges. The Avengers aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it, and neither should you! Get in touch with one of the Broadbean team today and let us show you how we can turn your recruitment business into super-human force!

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