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Posted on 10 April 2021 In OFCCP

As we reflect on and adapt to the changes impacted by 2020, we can easily cherish those moments while also wanting to forget them simultaneously. One thing is true, the ways of traditional recruitment are long gone, and we can thank the Pandemic for its ignition of change in areas of requality, political instability, and employment.

Employment was the highest impacted area during the pandemic, but now in 2021, people and companies are starting to getting back on track. Now is when budgets are being planned, and companies are narrowing down the departments and talents they need to achieve their business objectives. So, the question stands what areas do you need to think about in your talent search?

Broadbean Compliance Management can help your business in three ways:

Increase Diversity and Inclusion programs: Candidates want to work for companies that share their same value just as much as companies do. Broadbean can assist and identify specific sites and partnerships that will host job announcements to specific job boards. We can help tap into passionate and engaged workers with our Employment Service Delivery System that submits jobs to workforce agencies’ state-run Career One-Stop-Shop Centers. Services like this can increase employee loyalty and engagement.

Team and Leadership Management: Creating equal hiring opportunities does not serve only in metric business needs but also in your companies work culture. Your industry might be in Agricultural or Advertising. The goal is to cultivate a team or executive leadership to have an even balance of business perspectives. Ethnically and culturally. With Broadbean, we can help with our Outreach Network that hosts Veterans, Disability, and Diversity websites.

Mission and Reputation: No longer are we in the days where perks of extended time off will solidify a potential employee to accept a job. Now, it’s almost expected. Candidates currently are seeking what exactly companies represent. Are you a company that welcomes the LGBTQ community, and how does your company effectively keep track of hiring potential employees? Company reputation has taken its stance and replaced the needs and wants of high-profile candidates. To accomplish data, Broadbean’s Audit Proofing can capture comprehensive data to verify your OFCCP job listing requirements are met to the highest standard in the event of an audit.

OFCCP shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we made our services user-friendly and have a dedicated team to walk you through each process. Want to learn more? Contact us for a demo today!

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