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Posted on 10 June 2020 In Talent Search

Every professional has their go to trick of the trade; as a specialized recruiter, you’ve come to rely on job advertisements as your means of talent acquisition. The question isn’t whether you know the tool well – clearly you do – the question is your tool of choice really all you need?

There are thousands of job boards.

While you probably have at least a vague idea of the kind of job board you want to post the opening to, each of those boards has a different price point, different audience, and a different success rate for your organization. Candidate Sourcing Platform takes all of this information and narrows it down into an easy-to-read, visual platform. What does this mean for you? Because the data is easy to digest, the information becomes actionable so you can make the best decision for each posting dependent upon your target candidate.

You don’t have the time to sift each source.

With all of those varying job boards, you need to find the handful that fit your needs the best. That means a lot of searching, a lot of sifting, and quite frankly, wasting a lot of time you just don’t have. Recruiters spend an average of 78,352 minutes on the phone alone each year, so you don’t have a lot of extra time to spend sifting through sources. Broadbean’s candidate sourcing tool analyzes each platform for efficiency and cost effectiveness, so you can put your job posting where it is best fit.

Don’t spend what little extra time you havesiftingthrough sources. Learn an easier way!

The job description hasn’t been updated in a few hiring cycles.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for new hires to be a little misguided when it comes to their new position. Well over half (61%) of new hires say their expectations for their new job don’t match their true role. The Candidate Sourcing Platform reviews job descriptions and shows its strengths and weaknesses so you can prevent new hire misgivings. Not to mention, the stronger the job description, the higher quality candidate you’ll attract.

61% of new hires say their expectations of a job don’t match the true role. How can you prevent this?

You’re struggling in the talent war with your competition.

What is your competition doing in the race for talent? What are your strategies in the talent war? If these are questions your team doesn’t have the answer to, maybe it’s time to take another look at the tools the recruitment department uses. The Candidate Sourcing Platform sets benchmarks so you know how you fare against the competition. George Bradt (@georgebradt), Executive Onboarding Expert, said:

“‘Tell a story that attracts the talent you seek.’ Winners like winners. If you want to attract rock stars you must tell ‘a strong story about your organization that makes the market’s most skilled free agents want to join the team.’ The shift is that you must market your organization to them. Don’t assume they understand what you do or why it matters.” 

You need to fill positions faster.

There have been a few positions that are particularly hard to fill, and as hard as you try, nothing seems to shorten the recruitment process for these positions. You need a way to track your hires and improve recruitment practices. In a 13-year high, employers take an average of 25 days to hire an employee. For companies with 5,000 employees or more, it can take even longer. With strategic job posting, strong job descriptions, and benchmarks to set your internal (and external) standards, with CSP, you can hire faster. That means, it takes less time to fill open positions.

With all of these capabilities (and more) CSP is easily the Swiss Army knife of your recruitment tool belt. It will help the recruitment team fill positions faster, be competitive, and save time all while attracting and hiring more qualified candidates with less resources. The candidate sourcing tool is what your job ads have been missing to make them particularly effective in sourcing the best talent.

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